Racism Sucks

I am white

so I have no voice

You are black

you have a choice


My views aren’t appreciated

They are not heard

When speaking to the masses

Of ‘blacks’ there’s no word


There are three camps

Whites blacks and ‘doesn’t care’

I chose the middle

I am aware


I see things different

Why can’t you see

It’s not about color

But of you and me


Your person your being

Who you are inside

Don’t listen to whites

Or the blacks that hide


They have an agenda

A deep seeded hate

Their blinded by anger

Will it ever abate?


The middle is growing

We’re tired of the fight

Between people of color

And those they call white


Judge others on merit

On their actions and heart

Not on lies or the pasts

We all deserve a new start


Hate is learned

It is not innate

Teach your children to love

Break free of the hate


Rise up together

Hold your neighbors hand

Say no to race

And take a stand


DM 11/26/14



That One Mistake

This was written back in 2003 before the medications they have available to help those who need it.  Written for a friend.

Life’s one big party
> There’s nothing that can’t be arranged
> Except for the fatal error made that night
> Your life’s now forever changed

> You wonder what I’m speaking of
> It certainly can’t happen to you
> For sex is a freedom of expression
> There’s nothing you can’t do
> But one mistake, one careless night
> can bring death to your door
> You’ve certainly denied the thought
> Your judgment has backed you before
> You never can tell, big or strong,
> healthy or sickly too
> That the person you lay down with
> Can change the life you knew
> One day you wake up, something’s changed
> You don’t feel quite the same
> You wonder what has happened
> in this life, you call a game
> So then you see a doctor
> and sit and wait for word
> And the call comes in;
> one, you wish you never heard
> So you sit and absorb the emotions
> that grasp a hold of your life
> Thoughts that you’ll never marry
> neither a husband nor a wife
> You’ll never retire or raise your kids
> A child that will never grow
> Your life’s come crashing down
> You received a devastating blow
> You wonder where you got it
> wonder who to blame
> But now blaming is unimportant
> Life’s not looked at the same
> You wonder where life will take you
> however short it may be
> All because of one mistake
> Now you suffer from HIV.
DM Oct. 2003


A National Disaster children lost

The pain is so unbearable

My heart shredded in my chest

To know that children died today

And must now be put to rest


You can never fully imagine

Those words you never want to hear

You’ll never hold your child again

It’s happened; your worst fear


Their innocence is shattered

The victims that remain

This pain has touched all of us

The tears like a torrential rain


The children’s light

Snuffed out to soon

The laughter fading

The outlook’s gloom


The gaping hole

The ache so deep

The senseless act

The nation’s weep


The answers unknown

The questions remain

To stop senseless tragedy

Making evil refrain


DM 1/28/13

A Dysfunctional Vet

My twisted mind…or is it

From a dysfunctional vet… 9/15/2016


I suffer fatigue

And achy pain

You blame my mind

I must be insane


Why the hell would

I want this crap

Try and sell that

To some other sap


I seek your help

You send me away

Off to the shrink

You’ll get no pay


It’s not service


Unless it’s your mind

That’s affected


They won’t admit

I took a hit

From that vaccine

Full of shit


Or sand box


There was no



Just a lifetime

of ill health

No opportunity

For wealth


Who wants to

Hire the chick

Who’s always



I’m sorry we’re all suffering but I’m glad I’m not alone.









DM 9/15/16

My Mistake (A toilet disaster with Poo-pourri)

My Mistake

When you’re enjoying the comforts of the loo

You have some private business to doo

If you’re smart and use some poo-pourri

Don’t make a mistake, like little poor me.


Refrain from spraying the toilet seat

As that mist packs some powerful heat

So watch out for that liquid fire

That was certainly not my desire


In case an accidental spill

Water will cause significant ill will

Douse that behind with some oil

That will rid you of your nasty toil


In the future spray in the bowl

And not the seat, an awful toll


DM 12/23/2016

It’s all In Head…too real

I scream with rage

Deep within

You twist my words

You think you’ll win?


You make me question

That’s it’s all in my head

Would you rather

That I end up dead?


You think I like this

Daily pain?

You rather I feel

I’m going insane?


What do I want?

I want to dance

I want to act with reckless abandon

Without worrying about having to pay for it later


I want to chase my kids again.

I want to play and go out without having to

Chase a pain pill first.

I want to live in the moment and not have to

Plan every little thing.

I want my kids to be able to know that

I can pick them up whenever they need

I want to volunteer at my daughter’s school

I don’t want to have anxiety over a concert five months in advance.

Where will I park?  What if it’s a long walk?  Will the noise be too overwhelming?

Will I need a pain pill?  How will I drive home if I do?

Will I be able to sway to the music and get into the beat.

Without grabbing my back flaring in pain?

Will I have to sit the whole time cause it hurts to stand?


I want to run again.


DM 9/15/16

A UC Parody of the Song Human… (Not for the sensitive types)

I can hold my breath

Cause It will smell real bad

I can’t hold it in for days

Though that’s what I want

Wish it were number one

I can fake a smile

As I run right out the door

I can squeeze don’t slip a fart

It’s too much to ask

But I’ll give it all I am


I can do it

I can do it

I think I blew it


But I’m only Human

And I bleed when it comes down

I’m only human

And I run and it slips down

The pain in my gut, afraid to fart

It builds up and then I fall apart

I’m only human


I can’t turn if off

Be a poop machine

I can’t hold the weight of it

If that’s what you need

It’s my everything


I can’t do it

I can’t do it

I’ll won’t get through it


But I’m only human

And I bleed when it comes out

I’m only human

And I run when it slips down

The pain the gut, I’ve got to fart

It builds up and I fall apart

I’m only human


I’m only human

I’m only human

Just barely human


I can take so much

Until I’ve had enough


Cause I’m only human

I bleed when it comes out

I’m only human

I run when it slips down

The pain in my gut, I’ve got to fart

It builds up and then I fall apart

I’m barely human


DM 3/12/15 UC stands for Ulcerative Colitis. Much like Crohns, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Thankfully, smoking cigarettes keep me in remission. Bizarre, isn’t it?