My Feelings on BIP.

I do like a little reality TV. The Bachelor franchise is one of them. Who knew? I’ve been watching the show for years. Must be that childhood fantasy of falling in love and my big wedding ideas and all that gushy stuff. I like to see if my emotion reader is on target and if I can pick the right top four. This season of BIP…. I don’t know what the hell happened. Seriously. Here’s my post (pending) to the BIP group on FB, membership of 21,000 fans.

I’m starting to think this show and it’s producers are reminding me of ‘The Purge’ with a mix of ‘Mean Girls.’ A group of grown ass adults playing catty and deciding who’s going to take the fall this season and who’s going to be elevated to fame and most likely all based on their own personal opinions of the cast members. I’ve never seen such bullying set up by a TV show in all my life. Purposeful situations to, not only create drama, but destroy peoples reputations, relationships, and more. How much did these cast members sign up for? Did they know they’d be set up like that? Would they have gone on had they known?

When you read about some of the cast members receiving death threats and hate mail, it’s kind of sobering. ABC knows what they’re doing. It’s like yelling fire in a crowded room and then thinking nothing bad would happen. I thought we were trying to change our world? To rid bullying. To rid hate and intolerance. But yet, here we are glorifying bullying, hate and intolerance. We applaud the double standards and expect special treatment for some. There are rules and then there’s not. We bend it to fit whatever agenda is being applied.

I watched Blake walk into a trap. I watched his face turn white when he realized he was being set up by the producers, his friend, a lie. All for a simple mistake that many of us are guilty of ourselves in some form or fashion. And then applauding similar behavior from those ‘we like.’ Because it fits are narrative. So many examples that I could use this season.

I guess seeing Clay’s ex girlfriend walking down those steps set to destroy another’s relationship, create drama, was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I thought this was a show to watch people fall in love. The fantasy being enacted for all to see. To watch people build that relationship that later leads to a wedding on the show. To see that simple Dream unfolding with all the glitz and glamour, the original reason I watch the show, is slipping away until it’s nothing but a free for all drama fest with fights, bullying, and set ups that truly do destroy lives. That is not ok with me. That’s not what I signed up for.

And yes, I can simply change the channel but I also wanted to talk about this because people are getting hurt. There are too many crazies out there that really are sending death threats and bullying cast members of the show and honestly, I don’t think any of them signed up for that.

So that’s my post. Let’s see if it gets approved and see what kind of response I get.

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