Home Delivery Meals Continued

This week I’ve finally received my first meals from Marley Spoon and had the scheduled Taste party by Thrive Life!  First I will share my experience with the Taste Party that was set up by my consultant Lynn Olsen! I’ll start another blog to share my experiences with Marley Spoon.

Having begun my experience with Home Delivery meals with Home Chef and Marley Spoon and enjoying them thoroughly, Thrive Life allows the option of a Taste party before purchasing their line of products which allowed me the opportunity to check it out without having to spend the money on a product I may end up not liking.

I invited my parents and two close friends to attend with me on Saturday during the afternoon.  I had no idea how this experience would go as I’m new to this kind of thing.  Lynn arrived on time and brought with her dozens of cans and bags of different Thrive Life products that we had the pleasure of tasting.  Before we started with that she showed us the box that contained what they called Simple Plate.  What was nice was that I was able to chose the Simple Plate meal that we were testing out that day.  I selected the Tuscan-Style Beef Pappardelle as the meal to try.

Upon arrival and set up, we checked out the Simple Plate box and all it contained.  We got the pans set up, following the directions given on the recipe card provided. While the food was simmering we sampled each of the fruits and vegetables that were set up on the counter.  I was pleasantly surprised at the tastiness of it all.  We also tried some of the freeze-dried chicken, adding it to a little container with celery and seasons and waited for that to rehydrate to create a little chicken salad dish.  That was very good and my kids also enjoyed it.  Shocking, as they are quite picky.

Overall, we enjoyed each of the samples we tried and the idea of having family sized cans of food stores that can last up to 25 years or 1 year after opening is too good to pass up.  We tend to find our vegetables, especially mushrooms and peppers go bad before we get to use them and having these cans on hand to use is the perfect solution to that.  I also think the fruit and vegetables will make excellent snacks for the children to munch on while providing a much healthier alternative to the processed boxed snacks they currently devour.

The membership program was a bit overwhelming for my brain fogged mind to follow.  I selected a consultant membership at the cheapest price to try out since I know I’ll be ordering for a bit to fill my pantry with goods.  I will be honest in that I probably will not be relying much on the Simple Plate meals as a regular option in my household.  The selection was a bit small to rely on but I will be purchasing several options to have on hand in a pinch.  I think they will also be quite beneficial when camping!  Lightweight quick meals to pack up and bring on road trips or the like.

Lynn was great.  She wasn’t pushy in the least and drove an hour and a half to get to me.  She was very patient in explaining the program to me many times, an unfortunate side effect of my condition.  I’m looking forward to being added under her and helping her own business grow as I work on doing the same on a much smaller scale for myself. Having health issues has greatly limited my ability to go out and make friends.  I am still a bit cloudy on all the details and may be able to elaborate further when I understand them more myself.

So overall, I like Thrive Life.  I like having healthy snacks for my kids, the convenience of having foods on hand that won’t spoil on me so quickly, and the ability to grab a Simple Plate in a pinch so that my family won’t give me the look when once again, I’m too tired or in pain to cook dinner.  Problem solved!



7 thoughts on “Home Delivery Meals Continued

  1. Thank you, Dianne! It was such a pleasure to meet you and your family and friends! I had a great tim at our tasting and really enjoyed meeting all of you! I can’t wait to hear more from you as you and your family have a chance to try more Thrive Life food – Simple Plate meals and groceries!

    If you and your readers have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! And if anyone wants to learn more, here’s a link to my website: http://lmno.thrivelife.com/index

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    1. You amaze me with all you are able to do! As I’ve read more on your blog and ‘see’ more of what you are going through, it’s incredible you can keep up with any of it! You’re an amazing lady!! But take some pictures when you do have a chance to dig into it! I can’t believe we didn’t do that at your tasting! LOL!

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    1. Yes…we’ll make that change after her first three deliveries. Your mom’s, too! Let me know if either of you have questions on the consultant side of things. I’m home so you can even call, if that’s easiest! I might not be by the computer a whole lot today…hoping to get some other things done! 🙂

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